Exercise and Diet

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December 9, 2018
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Healthy food


The key to a healthy and permanent weight loss is striking the perfect balance between exercise and diet. A healthy diet gives your body lots of proteins and nutrients and also limits fat, sugar and cholesterol. It gives your body the necessary fuel for maintaining a regular and comprehensive exercise program for complete fitness. If you want to get the most of your time at your favourite Dandenong gym, here tips on how to balance your gym efforts with diet so that you get the most from your workout.

Choose a diet that fits your goals and lifestyle


To start off, you need to identify your health goals and then create a diet plan that fits those goals. By doing this, you will be more likely to follow your nutritional plan and even feel a sense of accomplishment once the goals are met.


  • For instance, your goal could be losing 10 pounds. You could then create a diet that lets you track your caloric consumption and only consume a specific amount of calories per day. You may then balance this nutritional plan with an exercise regimen to enable you to lose weight.
  • Also, you may want to consider a diet which fits your specific lifestyle. For example, in case you are busy during the week with work or school, sit down and come up with a weekly meal plan. This way, you can easily stick to the diet and lose weight. You could also plan workout sessions during the weekend when you are free.

Eat a balanced and varied diet.


A critical component to eating healthy is to consume a balanced and varied diet. In the absence of these, it won’t be easy to ensure that you are eating a nutritious diet. Use the tips below:


  • A balanced diet means eating the correct amounts of the appropriate types of foods. For instance, it’s wrong to eat entirely grains and don’t eat fruits and vegetables.


  • Also, you need to ensure that your diets are also varied. It means you ought to eat a huge variety of foods from different food groups. For instance, do not just eat an apple every day. Instead, rotate trough oranges, apples, pineapple and berries among other things.


  • A mixture of both varied and balanced diet gives you a nutritious diet that will provide your body with the recommended amounts of minerals and vitamins it requires.

Drink adequate fluids.


Away from foods, it’s also important that you drink lots of fluids as this also helps you eat a healthier diet. Although water doesn’t bring any nutrients to your body, it’s a critical component of your diet.


  • Water is critical for various body functions which include maintaining the pH balance, regulating body temperature, managing blood pressure and lubricating joints.


  • Most health professionals will recommend that you take between 8-13 eight-ounce glasses f water every day. This is equivalent to 1.9-3 litres per day. However, this differs from one person to the other based on several factors like activity level, age and gender. The whole idea is to drink enough water so that at no time during the day do you feel thirsty.


  • Always opt for clear, non-sugar and decaffeinated beverages. Options include flavoured water, water, and unsweetened decaf tea and coffee.


  • Cut back on sugary drinks and alcohol as these contain excessive calories and gives you little-to-no noteworthy nutrition. For alcohol, the maximum for men should be 2 bottles a day and one bottle a day for women.

Snack Smart


Snacking often gets a bad rap when it comes to healthy eating. This is because most people only think of things like candies and chips when they hear of snacks. But the truth is that consuming a healthy snack can even improve your overall diet.


  • Snacks are an important addition to your diet when you feel hungry and it’s a few hours before your next meal. They will help you recharge for a workout, or even recover from a gruelling exercise session.
  • But eating snacks when not hungry can cause unhealthy weight gain. Avoid eating snacks when bored and make sure they are healthy ones.
  • Just like your meals, your snacks also need to be balanced and contain a mixture of fruit, vegetables and lean protein.
  • Cut our processed foods containing added sugars or those that contain higher calories and fat. Candies, dessert, cookies, chips or pastries need to be kept at a minimum. While you shouldn’t completely avoid these foods, make sure you eat these treats in moderation.
  • Nutritious snacks include ½ cup of fruit with a ½ cup of yogurt, a handful of nuts (macadamia nuts, walnuts or almonds), an apple, 4 whole grain crackers with 1 pound of low-fat cheese among other things.


Make healthier versions of your favourites.


In most cases, people think of healthy eating as flavourless and boring. But nothing can be further from the truth. You just have to take your time to make foods you actually enjoy.



  • Don’t mistake healthy eating as only plain steamed vegetables, salads or baked lean proteins with no flavours.


  • Spend some time and research different ways you can make healthy foods so you don’t have to be content with the boring stuff.


  • If you don’t enjoy the foods that you are eating, chances are that you won’t go far with your healthy eating pattern.


  • Begin by reviewing recipes of your favourite meals or foods. Do not hesitate to add in some extra veggies to baked foods like meatballs, pasta, cakes or meatloaf.


  • When baking, use 100% whole grain and ditch the sugar for applesauce. For instance, if you love cheese and mac, add pureed butternut squash to sauce and then throw in your favourite veggies with the noodles.


  • Also, you could try preparing homemade baked sweet potato fries instead of the normal French fries.


  • Throw in some zucchini or shredded carrots to cookies, cakes and muffins for more enhanced nutrition.

Plan out the exercises you are going to do


Just like your meal plan, you need to spend some time on the kinds of exercises that you would like included in your activities list. There are many ways you can be active. The more enjoyable your workouts are, the more likely you will stick with them for the long haul.



  • Think about the types of activities that you may want to be included in your list. Make sure that you’ve included both strength training and cardio exercises for maximum health and exercise benefits. We also suggest that you check out CrossFit Fountain Gate as CrossFit is becoming very popular and results have been shown!


Keep your portions controlled and small


It’s important to focus on the quantity of food you eat every day and this can be done by controlling your portion. It’s important to ensure that our plate contains a balanced portion of fruits, vegetables, grains and protein. Always go for small and manageable portions, because taking too big portions can cause you to overeat.



  • You could control your portions by measuring the food on your plate with your hands. Take a finger’s worth of dairy, fist-sized milk serving in a glass, and a cheese stick. Also, you could have one fist-worth of veggies and the same amount of protein source from fish or chicken. Finally, also include a fist-size of fruit, for instance, an apple, a snack.


  • Also, ensure you eat small snacks throughout the day that are filling and healthy. Taking smaller portions of food throughout the day, as opposed to a few big meals, encourage faster weight loss.



Eating and exercise do go hand in hand. What you eat and when you eat it can be critical on how you will feel when exercising. It doesn’t matter whether you are training for a competition or just casual workout. You will need to ensure that you get the right nutrients in correct portions to prevent gaining weight even as you train at your Narre Warren gym. Do you have a question or a comment? Do not hesitate to comment below.

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